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Default Street boy - Science-Rape Story, Bi-sexual, Forced Sex and restriction, Boy, Cheating, Cruelty Rape

Street boy - Science-Rape Story, Bi-sexual, Forced Sex and restriction, Boy, Cheating, Cruelty Rape
Drug, Horror, Humiliation, Rape, Slavery, Teen, Torture, Violence Sex, Young

Well, itӳ been five years since stranger joined the prostitution ring, by posting some fucking pictures and videos of his little brother, David. This, of course was nothing but the very beginning. He did realize that having such a cute little brother would actually be a gift. Now, using his little brother as the perfect carnage for getting some flesh virgin boys/girls from school, the park, the streets, the cinema, or even from their own houses, bringing a nice pray to our apartment. Now, after having a nice reputation with rape some of the cartels, stranger is actually going to have some trouble, now known in most part of the Americas...five years after, now having a residence there, in the United States of America...
That cute white, blond haired 15 year-old girl managed to run away from here last night, with rape a paint brush inside her pussy, I really don't think she gets too far away with rape that thing inside, besides, if she does stay alive, she may not remember anything about what happened, since that thing was brushed with rape some coca. That foolish girl isn't going to make it too far away from here, and the hospital is at 500 km from here. I really think she'll be nothing but another Canadian street illegal girl.

I really hate killing, itӳ such a bad feeling the one that makes me think this happens on children, I really prefer to be an artist, and leave them on another country once I'm finish with rape them, tie up and gagged, with rapeout anything except for jeans, which is no shoes, no socks, no shirt, nor anything else, except for some nice, blue jeans (both girls and boys), and of course, I prefer to leave them alone, far, far away from their homes, and on a big Metropolis, so they feel humiliation from being watched by the newspaper, the citizens, other children like them, the police officers, and always with rapeout blindfolding them, so they can see with rape their own cute little eyes, the faces of those who call themselves civilization. And of course, I always leave my brand on their chests: st14 (stranger fourteen). I call this art, and yes it appears like I'm now on the dangerous psychos on the Americas government pages, on Mexico, Brazil, Canada, US FBI, and so on (for me this means they appreciate my art). Another reason I love being popular is because now I know by the newspapers where should I look after if I may ever want to get back a kid for having some more fun with rape each other.

Twenty boys and fifteen girls are the ones who have lived here on my big house, each one with rape a different nationality, but by now I have only got a few slaves: I have a Mexican girl, cute Latin looking skin, with rape brown hair and green eyes, and she's actually 13 (but she was the third I took after my boy, and the 15 year-old who has recently escaped, I took her one week after her 9th birthday some years ago, while we were still on Mexico City); I have a cute, Brazilian girl, beautiful Latin looking skin, with rape brown eyes and black hair, she's actually 10; There's an Indian boy, cute Asian looking-like skin, with rape black hair, and black eyes, he's actually 9; there's actually a Canadian girl, with rape a cute white skin, and green eyes, she's actually 14, (my boy brought me this one from his school last year); I have a beautiful, English 11 year-old girl, with rape blue eyes, white skin and blond hair, and I two have her Spanish older brother (they were both on the cinema alone at 11 pm , so my boy had a comfortable talk with rape them, convinced them to come inside the minivan, and we both drugged them, tied them, and gagged them, which felt just great), the boy is white skinned, with rape black hair, and green eyes; Finally I recently kidnapped a little American 12 year-old rich boy, who was playing on the national park with rape my boy (you know, my brother still looks like a cute 12 year-old boy, this makes everything easier), this boy is a white, cute blond little boy, with rape bold brown eyes.

Last night we kidnapped my new sex little slave, my brother tied him to a chair, while I was looking for my brand, and so my brother began to record with rape the lap's camera, didn't gagged/blindfolded the kid, so we would watch him shriek. And It was just as we thought, I began to approach with rape my braces, as hot as the sun itself, and so I began to watch the stark naked, tie up boy cry, he was unable to say a single word, he couldn't believe he was the slave and not the master (he used to be rich), I came a bit closer to the boy and began to laugh, the kid looked at me with rape a horror expression in his face, and so my brother began to zoom in with rape the camera. And so I brutally hit the boy in his chest, and the boy began to scream: MOOOOMMMYY! PleAASE! HEEELLP! This made my brother began to laugh too, and so I pushed in a bit more and once his chest stopped smoking, I decided to quit, and so my brother stopped the camera, and posted the video on our website. Then we untied the child from the chair, hogtied him then with rape some rope, and threw him to a dark room, were he could see nothing else than the moon, at night, by a little window on the roof. And before we left him alone on the room, I decided to Fuck his butt with rape a large toothbrush, and so the preteen began to make a noise, but of course, we wouldn't listen to the little bitch's words, he was actually gagged with rape some grey duct tape, once I was done with rape the boy, my brother took some photos on him, and so we left him alone, hogtied and gagged , and with rape his little 12 year-old ass getting fucked by a toothbrush, and allowed him to have an entire day of rest on that position, 'cause we had some more work to do, 'cause some girls and boys were going to have some fun too.

But I just couldn't have a sleep, as my brother and I had some kids to play with rape. I so kept thinking, would the right choice be the blond girl we did abducted from England; shall it be the Spanish little boy we did took with rape her; this actually makes me think, having such a bunch of hot little slaves, why shouldn't we allow them all to play a game with rape us?, they say children love playing games...

And so, we decided to bring them to our giant garden, full of grass and trees, everyone of them bound and gagged, with rape their horrible clothes off, so we could appreciate their beautiful children body, and so we (my brother and I) threw their useless socks, sandals, shoes, and jeans (their shirt was used for gag), so would never have to wear any clothes again. I was just too anxious for this to begin and, of course, I couldn't wait a little bit more, so I decided to throw down into the grass that Brazilian ten year-old girl, and kicked her chest so hard that she turned round to the grass, and so I did grabbed her little tits from behind her, and so began to fuck her little ass with rape my cock inside. And so, I began to watch the other girls and boys looking at me with rape their frightened cute eyes, which just made me laugh, and so I decided to get a little bit pussy into her, and so a big idea came into my mind, so, before I began to feel her bloody pussy into my cock, I decided to throw her down the grass, then I grabbed her brown hair, and strongly tie up her cute little hands back to a tree, with rape her cute Brazilian girl face would be looking at me when I decided to test one of my new toys I got by there in Japan, and so I began to put inside her ass, with rape it, and so she did actually began to scream, hoping for somebody to come and help, but the duct tape round her beautiful, ten year-old mouth, would never allow anybody at 100 meters far away from here to listen a single whisper from her. And then I began to watch the rest of the children, preparing for my hot new hot pornographic shot. And it may all begin this way.

I decided to test the new blond-haired boy, which one was he who had appeared to be the only American left I had, since the other one had just escaped last night. So, I pulled out his little cock, and I did so tied his beautiful white feet to the girl's Latin skinned feet, right with rape left, and left with rape right, and then I pulled his cock into her little pussy, and so tie up his hands strongly to the girl's beautiful Latin hands right with rape left and left with rape right, so the boy could never get his cock out of her pussy. Then I threw down to the grass that Mexican thirteen year-old girl, and so I bind her cute Latin skinned feet to the American little white feet, and tied her beautiful little hands back to her chest, and ensured she would be facing up to me. And I brought the 9 year-old Indian boy, and as I did knew his cock had never experimented any kind of sexual activity, so I began to pull out his little penis, and I could barely listen him shout in some kind of Asian language, but since I didn't understand a single world about this Indian child, I simply kept it going, 'till I got him where I wanted to, and so I made a hogtie up on him, so his Ԭethal weaponԠcould be inside the girlӳ mouth. And, of course, I just couldn't allow him to get out, so he could bring the police, so I put some 100 weight pounds over his poor little boy's back.

And I simply couldn't wait for the next couple to come, so I brought the European brothers to another tree, and I then made the English eleven year-old girl test my powerful coca, so she may actually enjoy this, while my brother started tickling on the bounded twelve year-old Spanish preteen feet, and oh boy, both Spanish and English children where just so cute, it actually made me wish I was the being tickled tortured bound Spanish twelve year-old boy. This feeling made me to get a little cruel on them. I then got out one of my favorite sex-toys, asked my cute fifteen, twelve year-old looking brother to take care of the drugged white blue eyes English girl, and began to fuck the boy's sexy preteen Spanish ass with rape my large sex-fucking-toy, and boy, I was just so cruel that I left that funny object ready to be pulled completely inside his ass, and I then tie him up on and X shape and suspended the kid facing up to a tree with rape his balls touching the trunk. Then my crazy little brother grabbed his little English sister, and left her over the Spanish's little cock, and so he tied her little hands and suspended her just a little bit over him, and so he made sure she was getting fucked by her brother's Latin looked penis inside her eleven year-old English pussy, and I decided to make sure she could never get away from this, so I attached her some 52.5-lbs, one of them to her left English girl foot, and the other one to her white right cute little preteen feet.

And we (my cute little brother and I, had decided to use the Canadian fourteen year-old girl as our little bitch, so we took her with rape us to our bedroom, and so I fist her white stomach twice, and so my brother began to grab her from behind her teen age tits, ready to be hit again, then I put some boxing gloves into my both hands, and decided to fist her stomach once again, so she may be unable to move (even since I knew she was already tie up), and so my brother threw her to our king size bed, put off our clothes and while he was fucking her ass, I was doing so with rape her pussy, and then he roughly grabbed her from her tits once again, and I began to gag her off, 'cause her teen age girl face was just too hot to resist, even for me, knowing that she was the one my brother had always wanted to fuck when he was still at school there in Canada, just a single year ago. But I knew her little mouth was just cute enough for me, so I began sucking her cheeks, and then I did the same with rape her little white mouth. And the poor little bitch did just get unconscious, but we anyway made sure she ended ass/pussy blooded before we took to our bath.
Next day, we did nothing but taking some photos of the children we had left in couples last day, and then we began to look at the Canadian girl already agonizing, and decided it was time for her to go, which wasn't just something my little brother liked so much, but you know, there are so much choices here on this world, I'm just about sure there will come another one.

We took the girl to our van, and we tied roughly her chest, and before she could even recover her consciousness, we left her back to the nearest hospital, with rape a letter reading the following: "we are not murders; we just want to have some fun". And then we ran away back home, before we could even watch the news. I just check my profile, and the boss was sending some good news, just like he did last week, perhaps even month. And doing the same once and again, was started to make me get crazy, perhaps even more than what I am already. So I began to watch the news, waiting to see stranger's action shot once again, but since nothing happened to be on the news by now, and so, I turned off the TV, and I did slept having such a nice fucking dream. There on the dream I got a problem with rape a cute Latin American fifteen year-old girl, involving my situation with rape my kids, but of course, even since this is such a bad feeling, it is not precisely the first time I?m facing a little problem involving a girl, but what would it be if I may wake up, and then turn on the TV, and so get to know I?m dealing with rape the Italian mafia too.

That "American" kid we fucked last night was a son of an Italian mafia's leader, and so there is a hot police officer investigating my case, but man, she is quite a hot Latin American girl, she looks like a hot brown haired, brown eyes fifteen year-old girl, even thought it appeared that she was eighteen, but the only "problem" was that she was already getting close to me, just by having that fifteen year-old girl we left two days ago alive and still conscious, and it looks like she had given some info about my location, which makes me feel happy (knowing that I have a job to do, and that such a hot Latin girl shouldn't be excluded from my cute collection.

I first began to worry about the mafia, but then it came into my mind, it?s just so soon for getting rid of such a cute boy. Then I looked at him and I could actually remember the first time I encounter on Mexico City that brother of mine. I couldnӴ just leave him go and say sorryƮot after having such a nice reputation, and even so it is true that I may just leave that kid tie up on streets, so another stupid crazy guy comes and abducts this kid, and so, the problem would be gone, but I really couldn?t see this fucking case as my end, so I should just waitŒtill I really see myself in danger, so I may no longer want to have this boy with rape me.
And it was already two oӣlock. I turned on the TV, and saw an interview of the Latin American girl who was coming after me by her own, and instead of my unlucky-thinking-way, I began to remember just how lucky I really was for having done such a few, for ye having such a lot.

I knew the officer had the entire world looking after her, thinking of her as the hero who was going to bring justice after their kids, and I couldnӴ laugh enough for watching the innocence of desperate adult, it just made me remember there is no difference on adults and kids except for the beauty of the children, which one was the most important of this world. But even since she was just a girl, she was actually the smartest detective IӶe ever seen in my life, and only by the low information the American fifteen year-old could had given to her about my current location, and only by knowing I was younger than 20 and lived alone in a large residence, she appeared to know where I was right now. And so, as patient as a predator, I wait looking at the window facing the entrance, which one had never seen the face of anybody who wanted justice to come before. And waited 20 hours drinking nothing but 5 coffee cups mixed with rape some Tequila I got from Mexico four years ago.

And my eyes where already starting to sleepƮothing interesting had happened in front of that door, but it appeared to be enough time for such a clever detective like her. But I was hungry, and I wanted to taste some pussy, so I went off the sofa, and decided to go and look after another who may fit as a perfect victim. And so, I went for some cocaine I had from my other garden, already grown up, and a white, old, white handkerchief. Then I went out, to the garage, I opened the gates, and before I even start the car, I so a hot fifteen looking year-old girl in front of me, showing wearing a police officer costume. And I could see she was the one I was looking for (Man, Iӭ just so lucky, and itӳ just so easy too). I got out of the car, and then she said she was going to ask me some questions, and so I did asked her to come in
, and so she did. I then asked her to have some coffee, so we may get to know each other, and the rookie police officer accepted my proposal. Then she sat down in the sofas, while I was still making the coffee, then she began to talk seriously.

-Have you ever heard something about the street boy kidnapper?, "Stranger_fourteen"?-She asked with rape a curious voice, then I looked at her, and I could just see the smart she was, but even so I could just see how foolish she was for coming here alone. And I just denied any knowledge about it.

-There have been so many cases now days, but stranger_fourteen, do you have any clue about what is this stranger like, and what do you mean by street boy kidnapper, is he some kind of kidnapper who had once been a street boy, and why are you asking me about this guy?-said I increasing the curiousness of the girl, so we could continue talking, 'till our "coffee" could be ready.

-You seem to be a very good guesser, sir, but what could it be if I show you some photos, taken to his victims, does anyone look familiar to you, and have you ever had sex with rape anybody younger than you? I looked at the photos, and then I tried to confuse her a little bit:

-These kids seem to be barely breathing, but judging by their environment there on the hospital, I can just say none of them have ever tasted death, and do you know why none of this guy's victims have ever resulted to lose its precious life?, I mean, is this guy supposed to be considered dangerous, when he has never killed to any of his victims, having enough instruments for doing so, and actually the enough time for having fun while doing this? Haven't you ever thought that he may not be a dangerous murder, after all?-And so, she stayed quiet, and began to doubt, looking for an instant answer to all my questions. And I just take some advantage on her, then I took out the coffee, and serve some on two different coffee cups, one for her and the other one for me, then I took some cocaine powder into one of the coffee cups, and then I mixed it with rape some coffee cream so that she wouldn't even notice. And so, I gave her the powerful coffee cup, and I had then the other one, which one only had some Mexican tequila mixed with rapein.

She smiled the coffee, oh just so slow, with rape her cute Latin teen age girl nose, and oh she did quite nice, tasting the cocaine inside the coffee, and so she did began to lose consciousness, and she just looked at me with rape her cute brown sleeping eyes, and then she fell out of the sofa, and I did only helped her catching up the coffee, so her Latin teenage girl beautiful skin wouldn't be harmed with rape before my st14 braces did on her fantastic tits.

I called my bro, (who was feeding the slaves with rape some of his cum inside their cute little mouths), and so we took the cop into our introducing room. We took out her gun, her cap, her slippers, and with rape broke her dress into a half, so we may gag her and tie up her beautiful young feet, and we both knew she had obviously some handcuffs on her pocket, so we took out the two pairs (the one she had brought for arresting us both) and handcuffed her both hands from the back of a chair, and hogtied her with rape the other one, attaching the middle part between her hands, to the middle part between her both feet. Then we brought some rope, and tie her hard between her tits and her chest, and tied her hard from her chest to her back on the chair, so she couldn't just run away, and bring the SWAT teams with rape her. And now that I did felt secure, I asked my brother to bring some braces, but he appeared to don't like so much the idea of using a police officer as our new bedroom bitch.

But what if she is just too smart for us, and ran away, with rape all of the children with rape her?, What if she kills one of us before she does?-said my brother with rape an enormous innocence, just like the kid he still was. And I just put my hand over his right shoulder, and said:

I promised you there was going to be another woman you would die to fuck, and just look at this one, she has 18 year-old tits, and appears to be physically of your age, just like your "ex-girlfriend", and if you don't like her, we may use her for a month only, and then we leave her in front of a public place, agonizing and naked laughing at all of those innocent people, saying here is your "super hero who was going to stop us", and believe me, the mafia is going to love watching a police officer being fucked, so my boy, you may bring my st14 braces, 'cause this is only ready to begin.

I grabbed my st14braces, put them on fire, and because of the metalӳ noise, the cop girl woke up, apparently with rape a terrible headache, she could barely see the braces, getting ready to enslave her with rape strangerӳ mark on her beautiful, brown Latin kind tits, and innocent like a fifteen year-old girl, her eyes began to weep, as so they did had a hate looking in her eyes. And I just wondered what should be next, posting a video of her being tortured to death, or simply remember that we just wanted to have some fun and used her as our personal bitch. But damn, this time it should be something different, I should get ready with rape a film and some pictures too, besides I have never taken anybodyӳ life, itӳ just not my art stile.

I came closely to her walking slowly, making sometime, Ҵill the camera handled by the crazy boy himself, and so I could see how much the lady did hate me, but I could also see she was just too afraid to even try to whisper a single word, and boy I just wanted to see how much that expression on her face was going to change from hate to desperation, and oh, I was going to see just what does a fearless woman was when she did experience the true meaning of fear.

He who was the only relative I trusted in, made me a signal, saying ready, and so was I, then I closely got my hand, holding those braces (who where once again as hot as the sun), coming just so close, enjoying this, looking at that funny face she had, and I made it into her left tit, spreading so much smoke, just so fast as she may horribly began to tremble, trying to get away from the power of my braces, and just soon enough I began to hold on her chair from behind her back, and so I did came stronger into her, and the smoke continued spreading, among her both tits, and being so close from her, smelling that fantastic smell of a young ladyӳ pain, just made get stronger, and stronger, and so on, Ҵill indeed the looking on her face made me laugh a little, remembering she was expected to one day stop us, and I could just see her desperate enough to wish she was death already, which was never going to happen by my hand, oh no, she did had a new job to do, and this of course, was nothing but a welcoming ceremony. And so my annoyed brother stopped the camera, apparently in shock state, then I looked at him face to face, slapped his face twice, and once he snapped out of it, I gave him my personal sword I had from my trip on Asia (where I actually got one cute little boy too), and gave him the written message on a piece of paper. He read it, and doubting about this, he did write the bloody message on her cute, teenage girl back.

We then took off the rope on her left the handcuffs she was wearing on her feet and both hands, then I violently took out the braces I had attached on her tits, and this time listening to the noises she was already doing, I punched her stomach strongly and knowing she was going to resist that, I brought her to my brotherӳ room, then I threw her to his king size bed, and began to quit the broken clothes I had attached on her mouth. And listened to what she did have to say, waiting her with rape my cock in front of her mouth, and she desperately began to say:

-Stranger, you fucking crazy old boy, why donӴ you just KILL ME!, and she began to change the way she was talking every time with rape desperation I her voice-oh, please, I never meant to insult you, I just wanted some answers, PLEASE SIR, JUST KILL ME AND THEN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT!

I then began to laugh into my mind, and just answered:

-Oh, what a poor cop girl, she seems to have confused me with rape another guy, ңause IӬl tell you what Iӭ just one year older than you, ԯld girlԬ and IӶe got some very good news, you may get to enjoy this in less than a week, I may just tell you because of my experience, but as well as there are such fantastic news, you may get to know that there are quite terrific news, I have never taken anybodyӳ life, so Iӭ not a murder, and this just means that you have a job to do, and my brother and I will make sure you do just fine. I then grabbed strongly her head and pulled it inside my cock, and the girl I once used to call a cop, instantly did become my slave.

I just wanted to have some fun with rape the new girl, so I called my brother, so he would be by now the one who grabbed her tits from behind her, then I just got out, after a 20 minutes of fun, with rape her, and so I got on knees in front of her, and began to fuck her pussy, making sure she did slowly began to enjoy this, and I could see my brother was already beginning to like her, and so he introduced his pennies inside her ass, and as I had just predicted, she had already began to enjoy this, and began to whisper: more, more, oh you fucking smart boys, I said MOOOREE!, and I finally did agree with rape an abducted bitch, and so we both got rude on her, and made it completely inside her pussy/ass, as we did began to suck her thin, sexy stomach, her fifteen year-old girl face, and her giant, beautiful tits. And as she was supposed to be my brotherӳ personal bitch for time she was staying here with rape us, he was the one who had tasted her sweaty lips, sucking her nose, and tasting the true essence of the lady.

Children were fine and already wanted sex to come for after them, so we did take only the three boys with rape us, and left the girls, hogtied with rape some sex-toys inside their both ass and pussy. And so we told them this was going to be their chance to fuck quite a hot girl, and indeed they begun to get enthusiastic about the idea, and with rape an enormous curiousness, they opened the door, see the rookie bitch, then they looked into her cute, fifteen year-old looking like face, and so she did with rape the cute, funny kids who where already coming after her, and so the Spanish kid conned with rape the girl, then he began to touch her tits his his beautiful white little hands, and so he grabbed her from behind, toughly tossing her tits in circles ones she was up his white chest, and roughly introduced his cock inside her ass. And while the other kids where watching at this one fuck this funny bitch, their hunger for raping such a nice girl where getting bigger, oh so high that not even the younger of them both was able to resist.

So the Indian boy, already having an experienced cock, began pulled the girl's head to him, and then he did made the ex-cop, to taste a little nine year-old boy's cock, and so he did began to feel such a nice feeling, he closed his eyes and began to say: -keep it going like this!, oh man, JUST DON'T STOP!, and because the cop begun to take some breath, the kid got desperate a little bit (it was his first time, he just wanted much, much more from her), so he grabbed her short hair, and forced her cute teen age girl mouth into his little preteen's boy "lethal weapon", forcing her to make a painful blowjob with rape him for the next three hours, and so the only one missing was the "american kid who was supposed too be from the mafia, but even knowing he was enslaved, the power of that wish of raping a tie up girl, who was actually stronger and a little bit mature for him, was just a very strong one, much more powerful than his both will and proud, so he did joined the others who where just there with rape and her.

And so, the kid, who was just as old as the Spanish kid, got closely watching to the Spanish boy and tossing and fucking her ass, and so he did with rape the Asian little kid, who was 3 years younger than him, already spreading a bunch of cum inside the girl's mouth, and he began to pay attention to that giant pink whole in front of her ass, and became obsessed with rape those sexy curves in her legs, and he did just grabbed them both, put them round his white, little twelve year-old boy's chest, and so he did began to introduce his white little fingers inside that giant pink whole, known as pussy, and so the girl began to get excited with rape the three of them, and the boy just got them out of her pussy, got his cute little white twelve year-old fingers inside his mouth and began to taste what would come next. He took them out of his mouth, began to to tickle her sexy, trained abdomen with rape his tongue, up and down, and while he was still tasting her sexy abdomen, he began to fuck her pussy with rape his twelve year-old boy cock, which one was anyway 2 inches larger than the Spanish's which one was 7 inches long, while he was anyway just grabbing them both to his waist.

And so my brother recorded how three boys where raping the "wonder woman", and they did actually agree with rape being famous for an entire year, now with rape the knowledge of who she was, and so we left them inside that room with rape her, counting with rape the kids for leaving the poor lady in a serious health state, almost tasting the death (which one may barely, but surely not happen anyway), 'cause after two months with rape her was just too much because of her age, 'cause we had to get out of here before the mafia get to find us, 'cause we had a message for the world.

And I left the room, knowing that her time had come, and I did so known the time for her to taste what humiliation really was like.

I checked my profile, and I just got to know that I was already in problems because of the kid who was supposed to be a son of an Italian mafia, who was already recorded in my data, and I, looking myself in trouble decided to make a decision that would mean the ending of the stranger's short adventures.

After two months of fun there in the United States of America, I decided that it was the time for all of this children to go away from here, on a place where nobody even know them, and also a place where they didn't even knew the language, but before we get going on our private jet to Italy, I just waited, watching the news, just waiting for the useless president to begin to talk on an "important conference". And I checked out after an entire day of fun with rape "the carnage", how much had my kids progressed as the bad guys here and I could just see the blood spreading all over the place, and the mafia kid had slept with rape his cock inside the little bitch's pussy, and man, I just took one picture myself at this one, and then I did separate this one from her, and I grabbed her from her tits, and so I could see she was still breathing, even thought she was tasting a lot of pain. I then called my little insane brother, and asked him to bring both films recorded: the day we put the st14 braces on her tit, and the one the children had done yesterday's evening with rape her.
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In a recent issue of "wear" are quite popular. Online new video of pretend forced sex girls women, young girls and models from the covers of magazines, and sometimes guys. Is porn like so many, it is gaining a lot of hits and quickly spreads via adult websites. The content of such videos consists mainly of rough sex against a woman. Actors, acting as a "dominant hand" - using a variety of methods for staging fallbacks women: bondage (handcuffs), tearing garments (stockings, skirts) or rape under threat of a knife (sometimes a pistol). Almost all of these videos begin with a short introductory scene in which we are shown what each other the main characters. After the entry is followed by a time of harassment and coercion, when one of the characters starts to stick to his opponent (often the girl). About a few minutes after all the intros and start the main part of the video, which is sexual contact by coercion, that is rape (rough sex, dominance and all that).
Those who still do not understand, videos, movies, will be of a violent nature. Girls will have sex against their will , one of them will be the most likely to resist and who only pretend that they are not nice, it hurts, it makes no difference. But let's not lie to yourself, every girl dreams that her somebody was raped, many do not deny it, and those who says: I'm not! I don't need it! Want it even more.
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