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RapeLover 11-16-2016 06:24 PM

ForceFantasies.com/Bondage-Girlfriend SiteRip - Lorelei's ravishment and resistance fantasies, romance-novel reviews, bondage and forced role-play
ForceFantasies.com/Bondage-Girlfriend SiteRip - 97 Clips & 103 PhotoSets

Lorelei's Force Fantasies ...Bondage & Romance-Novel Roleplay



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RapeLover 11-16-2016 06:25 PM

"I have always had fantasies about being forced to have sex,
but I don't like the idea of it being real." ~ Vicky

"My strongest fantasies are based on anything to do with female helplessness." ~ Stuart

"I'm a Belgian woman, 30, and I have a lot of fantasies about being sexually forced." ~ Petra

"I enjoy thinking about ravishing a woman (only as a fantasy)." ~ HB

"My wife and I have enjoyed force fantasies for years." ~ Steven, 28

"I am a 38 year old woman, and I enjoy erotic forced fantasies." ~ Remy

"I've had forced fantasies for years,
but never anyone to share them with." ~ Chris

"I enjoy bondage and forced fantasy stories." ~ Patty

"I love to hear about FANTASIES of force. Not for real." ~ Jake

"I am a fan of forced fantasies." ~ BlueBelle

"I am a male, 32 years old, I have enjoyed forced fantasies for a long time now." ~ Brian

"My wife and I are into force fantasies." ~ Batman, 31

"I saw the web site and I also have many fantasies on being tied up and handled roughly." ~ Jane, 35

"I'm an elderly adult with life long interest in force fantasy." ~ Domin

"I am a 47 year old married man, and I have always been interested in this." ~ Billy

"I've enjoyed the fantasy of kidnap since I was in my early twenties, but always thought that I was the only one, and felt embarassed by it." ~ Jenny, 32

"I am a single 42 year woman, I have had an interest in force fantasy for years." ~ Kate

"I am married. I have had a fantasy for a long time about getting forced into sex. I get turned on just thinking about it." ~ Julie, 45

"I am into roleplaying and fantasize of being taken forcefully." ~ Anne, 19

"I have always been drawn to these types of fantasies." ~ Parrish, 45

"Hi, I'm a 20 year old female in New York. Being controlled has always been a fantasy of mine." ~ Erika

"I often entertain thoughts of forced fantasies." ~ Lady Devon, 42

"I am a 41 year old woman. My sexual fantasies have always been about being forced against my will." ~ Bonnie

"I am very fascinated with force play fantasies." ~ sydwykyd

"Beginning to explore these fantasies for the first time and I find it extremely exciting and erotic and my girlfriend is really into it also." ~ James, 54

"I enjoy fantasies about force encounters and it's nice to know that I'm not the only one." ~ Dylan

"I love roleplay and fantasies...especially force!"~ Glamour Girl, 30

"I like forced-sex fantasy - and women I respect like them too!" ~ Chas, 59

"I enjoy fantasing about being forced to do things." ~ Patricia, 33

"I like forced fantasies and often use them in my novels." ~ Joseph, 29

"I am a 28 year old woman from India. In a conservative society, I have to live my life vicariously and through fantasy." ~ Shormila

"I love historic romances, especially when the women are taken by force." ~ AussieHair, 26

"Love the fact that there is a place to go to talk to people that have the same likes and understand the 'fantasy world'." ~ Magmer, 31

"My wife and I are experimenting with her fantasies of forced sex." ~ Jackson

"I have a lot of forced sex fantasies and really enjoy reading or hearing others' fantasies as well." ~ MJP

"I am the type of person who is reserved and fantasize about being made to do things that I normally wouldn't." ~ F.D.

"I am a 40 year old Canadian who has always had force fantasies, & recently realized that I am a submissive who craves domination, control and force." ~ CherDanielle

"Making love to tied women forcefully has always been my fantasy." ~ Deep

"My name is Angela. I am 26 years old. I have always been secretly turned on with forced sex fantasy, though no one knows -- not even my fiancee."

"I have always enjoyed force fantasies and am looking for a way to spice up my marriage." ~ Ztarky

"My wife and I love this fantasy." ~ Mike, 27

"Not into violent force fantasies but mature force fantasies." ~ Dylan

"I have always fantasized of forced sex scenes." ~ Kris, 19

"I am a 21 year old male whose has force fantasies.I never disclose it to anyone but I do." ~ Jay, 21

"I've fantasized about being dominated and forced for as long as I can remember." ~ Weeping Willow, 28

"Turned on but very shy about this." ~ Kelloggs, 46

"I have always been interseted in the forced fantasy element of sex." ~ DreamerStars, 20

"I have long been a fan of force sex fantasy." ~ Serena, 34

"The majority of my adult fantasies have always included a level of loss of control." ~ April, 26

"I have always had an interest in bondage and force fantasies and to my dismay, just force.
I've had a lot of guilt and confusion about this and want to understand more.
To see what others are like." ~ Joseph

"This is a hidden fantasy of mine." ~ Curious Justine, 30

"Hi - subbie girl, just starting out in BDSM and this is one of my fantasies too!" ~ Sera, 33

"I have fantasies of abduction and bondage." ~ Terry, 45

"I'm a big fan of bedroom bondage and forced fantasy." ~ Joe, 35

"I enjoy the fantasy of taking a woman by force.
At first, she is resistant, but then she gets hornier and more sexually willing.
Remember, it is only a FANTASY." ~ ssgille

"One of my biggest fantasies is being forced to perform sexual acts." ~ Mia

"I understand this is fantasy, and have no wish to emulate, but do find it sexy." ~ BMack

"I'm an open-minded person who understands that this is just fantasy not reality." ~ Cara, 25

"I have always fantasized of forced sex scenes." ~ Kris, 19

"I am against any kind of force in real life,
but the fantasies can be both informative and entertaining." ~ DJ

"I've always had fantasies such as this." ~ Julie

"I am extremely interested in fantasies and role play." ~ AsiaTraveler

"I have had force fantasies ever since I can remember."~ Perspexual

"25 years old from the U.K., with girlfriend, very much into the force fantasy." ~ Sweeny

"I have always loved forced fantasies.
I love tying my girlfriend up and playing different roles." ~ TallGuy64

"I am a 56 year old male, and have always been interested in forced fantasies." ~ Buckeye

"I like the whole idea of being abducted and surrendering control in a fantasy situation." ~ MinxyDutchie

"I am a 33 year old married male involved in a relationship where BDSM is practiced.
My wife has had this fantasy for some time. I'm looking for advice and ideas." ~ James

"I have wonderful fantasies about being taken by an incredible sexy man against my will." ~ Belly Dancer, 28

"I day-dream that a strong man enters my office, forces me to suck his cock,
then being pulled over my desk, being spanked over my panties before he uses me." ~ Yo

"I have a strong liking for forced fantasies." ~ WantonMe

"Always been fascinated with forced sex. Totally love reading romance books when the women are kidnapped, especially the historic ones." ~ Aussie, 26

"My spouse has approached me about this type of fantasy.
I hope this will help improve our sex life." ~ bobbye

RapeLover 11-16-2016 06:26 PM

Roleplay rape pics, roleplay rape videos
Links to sites with fake rape pics, fantasy rape pictures, fantasy rape links, free rape fantasy pictures, rape roleplay, rape fantasy galleries, free fantasy rape pictures, simulated rape pics, roleplay rape videos, and fantasy rape pictures. Some of these sites have dark or extreme fantasy/roleplay material.

RapeLover 11-16-2016 06:26 PM

Abused & Violated-
Acme Bondage
Female bondage and male bondage, dildos, unconscious, fondling, spanking, pregnant, ballgags, saran wrap mummification, dental gag, naked bondage, hogties, cages, suspension, sybian sex, chloro, catfights, fisting, chains and handcuffs. Pics, clips, videotapes.

Army Tales
Rough fantasies. Rather politically-incorrect these days...
Ashley Renee
This gal is into a lot of things - bondage, discipline, forceful sex - and year after year she explores it very publicly, every photo going on her site. Current pics and videos usually include some dildo bondage, strap-on bondage, sucking, suspension, girl/girl bdsm, breast manhandling, tit torture, latex bondage, Japanese/Shibari style bondage, intricate ropework, and costume bondage.
Bondage Classics video series
The Bondage Classics series by House of Milan (HOM), presented in the AEBN streaming theater.
Bondage Orgasms
F/f forced orgasms. Tied up, gagged, vibrators, domination, discipline.
Brutally Raped
CaitsBasement Rape Fantasy Videos
Streaming video theater courtesy of HotMovies. Rape fantasy clips, forced orgasms, rape roleplay, rough blowjobs, Japanese domination videos, more.
Cruel Movies
Roleplay media. The tour's enough all on its own... guys grabbing women, animated fucking, forced fellatio, bondage sex, etc. But if you do the 3-day trial, don't forget to cancel.
Cruel Planet-
Domination TV
Exploited Bitches
Extreme Sexual Abuse
Extreme Violation-
First Forced Sex
Hmm, I'm pretty sure the second forced sex would be just as dramatic!
Force Fantasies
Couples role-playing -- acting out rough sex scenarios and force fantasies together. Video downloads, original stories, reviews of romance novels, art, articles, streaming videos, chatroom portals, etc. Gals include Darla Crane, Amber Michaels, Ashley Renee, more. Since July 1998.
Force Her
Force pics with bondage. Some of the bondage is creative and some's not so good.
Force-Related Streaming Videos
Streaming vids of bondage, bdsm, fetishes, roleplay. Thumbnails of the programs that look interesting for force fans.
Forced Sex Scenes-
Forced Violation-
GGG Sexbox
Rough-sex gangbang shoots. Only for mature adults who aren't easily grossed out. Roped up, strapped down, hard blowjobs, shoved-up & shoved-in objects, peed on, etc. Seriously, it's a little much. DVD downloads. 6 languages. Site by John Thompson.
GForced to Fuck-
GForced to Sex-
Hard Cored
Force roleplay pic site. Intro says there's a member forum inside too. One exit pop-up.
Hard Home Video
Amateur force roleplay scenes.
Hentai Videos
Streaming theater with forced-sex fantasy themes. Japanese animation. See Isaku Respect Third Episode, also Black Mail #2 Vol.3.
Hot Violations-
Maniac Tales-
Most Brutal Video-
My Brutal Collection-
Natasha Flade
Photos/videos of bondage in abandoned buildings, basements, the woods. On-screen abduction, fondling and force. Video "Owen's Obsession" is a nod to "The Collector". Photos, mpeg, DVDs. An Isaac W. site.
Rape Fantasy Streaming Videos
Streaming video theater courtesy of HotMovies. Rape roleplay, forced orgasms, stuffing, crammed blowjobs, Japanese humiliation, more.
Rope Bound Babes
Dave Annis' photography. Kidnap-style bondage: tight rope, tight gags, often explicitly nude women. "No artistic, romance, glamour or politically correct crap." Vibrator penetration. A Sick Puppy site. One pop-up.
Rough Forced Sex-
Sex and Submission
This isn't quite force fantasy, but at least it's bondage sex.
Sexy Settings
Bondage lite with finger penetration and fondling.
Shocking Home Movies-
Amateur force roleplay scenes.
Slave Film Extreme
Rough sex roleplay.
Studs Violating Matures
The Abduction of Seska
Photo enactment of an abduction/forced-sex roleplay, accompanied by an original work of fiction. A Wasteland site.

Women Forced to Sex-
ZFX Video
Conflict storylines, males controlling/abusing females. Bondage, torture, and occasionally forced sex of the dildo/oral-sex variety. Interesting and unique content, though the post-production special-effects editing tends to detract and distract. Streaming videos.

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